Identify Your Marital Problems-Session 3

Hazrat Mufti Ebrahim Desai Saheb commenced the program by acknowledging that many loyal and dedicated women do become victims of irresponsible husbands. He pointed out in the light of Hadeeth that a woman is like a glass, thin and delicate. She should be handled with care.


Mufti Saheb then highlighted 5 areas of concern:

  1. Make your husband’s house your home.
  2. Don’t welcome him with a barrage of complains. The incident about Hazrat Umm Sulaim(radi Allahu anha)  was captivating.
  3. Serve your husband. Fulfill his biological need. Not doing so is a major sin.
  4. In an argument one should back down. A string will snap if both sides pull.Never be stubborn
  5. You belong to your husband-make proper Hijab.

Each one of the above points was discussed in much detail with real life incidents.

The lecture concluded with a beautiful marriage recipe and a Dua.


Part 1 of  lecture 3-  Identify your marital problems session #3.mp3-part 1

Part 2 of  Lecture 3-Identify your marital problems session #3.mp3-part 2


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