I don’t want to share my love…

A man once came to Shaykh Shibli (rahimahullah) and said, “Shaykh I want to die, I don’t want to live anymore!” This feeling is what one actually experiences after harbouring unlawful love in the heart for another being- and many a times this feeling comes as a punishment from Allah Azza wajal. Nevertheless the Shaykh said, “Come my son what is the matter I will help you.” The man opened up to the Shaykh and said, “Well I had a very close friend.We would do everything together, eat, walk, talk, you name it. But then one day all of a sudden he left me. Now I can’t sleep, eat, I hate it, I don’t want to feel like this but what can I do Shaykh, I just want it all to end.”

“Do not worry my son, Alhamdulillah there is a solution to all problems and yours is simple too. Just find another friend.” “No, never Shaykh, I vow never to share my love or such strong friendship with anyone ever again” replied the man. The Shaykh said, “No, what I mean is be wise this time, and choose a friend that will never leave you.” “But Shaykh I never thought my first friend would leave me, how can I be so sure the second one wont.”

“My dear son, I will find such a friend for you, such a friend that forget Him leaving you, if you were to even leave Him 100 times then go back He will still stretch His hand out to you!” “Allahu waliyul ladhina aamanoo” My dear son, Allah is the friend of the Believers, befriend Allah and see the pleasure your heart will experience…For one heart can never bear the love of two, never my son!”

You see this is why we should try not to ever fill our heart with unlawful love- for when this happens one will lose all peace and contentment. At first one will experience much joy but this will eventually kill the essence of the heart and one is guaranteed to experience much sadness and anxiety.

Dear Believers, when we say Laa ilaaha illalaah, we begin our friendship with Allah, then it’s up to us how strong we make our bond. Yes the friendship may weaken when we sin and disobey Allah, but Allah Azza wajal awaits morning to evening for our repentance and so what do we have to lose. Strengthen your bond with Allah Azza wajal and strengthen your Imaan.  Shaytaan will attempt to make you feel hopeless, he’ll trouble you most when he sees you turning towards Allah, but this is when you need to be strong and exercise patience. He may even remind you of all your past sins but ignore his evil whispers and continue to turn towards Allah. For the pleasure of Allah Azza wajal leave all such unlawful love that you may have. At first it may appear very difficult but seek help from the Ulama and make plenty of dua asking Allah to help you all the way.

“Live your life as you desire for verily one day you will die,

Love whomsoever you desire for one day you will taste separation,

And do whatever you desire but remember Allah will repay you for it in the hereafter (be it good or bad).”

May we all learn and taste the true essence of living and dying for Allah. Aameen!

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