Unlimited Access to the Credit Card

One woman came to a learned person and began crying. The learned person consoled her and then asked her her problem. She said her husband oppresses her. The learned person asked her to elaborate on the oppression. She said “my husband gives me only e.g. R1000 a month as personal allowance.” The learned person said to her is that not enough? She replied “that amount is an embarrassment for me.” My friends get double and triple amount allowance from their husbands.

Some of them have unlimited access of the credit card. Why can’t my husband treat me like how my friends are treated by their husband’s. The learned person advised her that you are seeking a solution from the dimension of the problem. The money is the problem and you want more. Tomorrow, the more too will not be enough. Be content with what you have and cut down on your expenses. Live within your means and save your money. The woman was sincere. She followed the advises and after some time the conceded monthly allowance of R1000 is also too much for her!

Allah says: The extravagant ones are the brothers of the Shayateen.



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