The Billowing Smoke Of Gaza

While the Muslims in the west continue to enjoy the bounties of the worldly life, their brothers in Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen, Algeria, Somalia and many other countries continue to taste the bitter realities of life.

The Muslim countries and cities seem to be like defenceless prey devoured by blood thirsty predators.  It was Kandahar, Baghdad, Fallujah, Sana and Mogadishu yesterday.  Today it is Aleppo and Gaza.

Gaza has faced more than 950 airstrikes in the past 150 hours.  That is approximately one missile strike every ten minutes.

This is nothing new.  The Muslims of Gaza have been oppressed for decades.  Many children were born and died living their 50-60 years oppressed.  They saw, inhaled and consumed oppression.

It is a miracle that these men and women of Gaza opted to lay down their lives instead of their Aqīdah.  Imān was more beloved to them than their blood.  The eternal gardens with flowing rivers and fruit laden trees were in their sight.  They entered the doors of history with their lives.  Their names were forever engraved on the earth with their blood.

We encourage all to remember our oppressed brothers,  sisters and children.  Help them in anyway one can- financially, verbally, physically or emotionally.  Beseech Allah Azza Wa Jalla to help our brothers and sisters.  Certainly victory is from Allah and victory is but an hour of patience.

May Allah help our oppressed brothers and sisters.  We beg Allah to save our brothers from the Fir’aun of this time during these days of Muharram just as he saved Musa alayhis salaam from the Fir’aun of his time in Muharram.  Ameen.


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