Bringing Up Children – Part 2

(Continued from upbringing of Children Part 1)


1) Instill the habit in your children of never being eloquent but rather to be a seeker of truth.


2) Do not let boys and girls play together. If they are non-mahram, then the possibility of future damage can be closed by adopting this means, and if they are mahram then immodesty and damage to their intelligence will inevitably result if they play together.



3) At the age of nine, the beds of girls and boys should be separated although they may be brother and sister. According to the shariat a nine year old girl can attain the age of puberty and can become a maternal grandmother at age nineteen.

Similarly, a twelve year old boy can attain puberty and become a grandfather at age twenty five. Hence, to save from moral degeneration, children are ordered to separate their beds from age nine.


4) Cultivate a habit within a child never to do things in secrecy for a child will only do in secrecy that which he thinks as evil.


Never speak in front of a child using slang or vulgar language rather when speaking to the child or others speak in good words.

Do not do anything immodest or wrong in front of a child for that would become an example for him to follow despite how young or old he may be.

Read the following poem carefully:



“Guard your lips when a child is near,

For children repeat the things they hear.

Let no ugly tone be heard, no careless talk, no careless word.

For it is a grievous sin to mar the innocent within.

Language vulgar or unkind, leaves its mark upon the mind.

“Little ears are listening.”

Little ears catch everything!

Control your feelings, check your tongue in the presence of the young,

For a child is sent to you as fresh and pure as morning dew.

So let your speech be wise and mild, in the presence of the child.”

By-A sister U.S.A for


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