Majlis of Shaykh Mufti Ebrahim Desai – 9/5/13

From the thousands of Ahadith, 4 Ahadith are sufficient for one’s reformation.

After quoting the four Ahadith, Mufti Ebrahim Desai(Hafidhahullah) expounds on the following Hadith:

“The beauty of a person’s Islam is to abandon those issues that do not concern him”.

The biggest concern for a Muslim is his death on Iman, and standing before Allah. Mufti Sahib then reminded on the beginning of Rajab and the auspicious months. The time has come to discipline ourselves regarding our time and time management.

The Dua was rendered by Moulana Ahmed Chohan (Hafidhahullah)

To listen to the talk and Dua,  click on the links below. To download the talk, right click on the link and ‘save link as’.


Mufti Saheb Majlis 9-5-13

Mufti Saheb Zikr and Moulana Chohan Saheb’s Dua

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