An Emergency Number For All Your Needs

Note this emergency number for all your needs:

Dial code: 24222

Number: 244343

How desperate we become when we phone someone in dire need and the phone is constantly engaged? We experience a feeling of hopelessness and despondency. We also make it a point to get an alternative number for a direct line for emergencies. Remember the direct line for all our needs to be fulfilled is 244343.This is the telephone number of Almighty Allah. He is the one to fulfill all our needs at all times. His telephone line is direct and never engaged. We can talk to Allah through our 5 daily Fardh(compulsory) Salaah and build our hopes in Allah Ta’ala.

The dialing code represents the Sunnah e Muakkadah Salaahs before the Fardh salaah.2 rakaat(fajr)4 rakat(zohr),2 rakat (zohr),2 rakat (Maghrib),2 rakat (Esha).The Sunnahs before Asr and Esha salaahs are encouraged.(2422)

The telephone number represents the Fardh salah.2 rakats fajr, 4 rakats zohar, 4 rakats Asr, 3 rakats Maghrib, 4 rakats Esha and 3 rakats Witr. (244343)

In our challenges of life why do we feel despondent? Communicate with Allah Ta’ala directly and present your needs before Allah through Salaah and Dua.

Allah’s line is direct and never engaged. Be rest assured you are heard by Allah Ta’ala!

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