Keep healthy this Winter

It is by the will of Allah Ta’ala that winter is rapidly approaching. It is also by the will of Allah Ta’ala that many of us will fall sick during this time. Allah Ta’ala does not wish suffering unto his creation, but this is a test amongst the many other tests that we as insaan are put through.  There are many benefits to falling sick and there are also many ways to boost the immune system and thus prevent this Insha Allah.

Sisters, are you aware that it is stated in Hadith that distress, tiredness, exhaustion, harm, worry and grief experienced by a believer leads to the expiation of sins? How merciful is our Rabb!!

When we fall ill, our bodies are forced into a “TIME OUT” therefore allowing us a chance to rebuild our depleted reserves and regenerate cells that have been lost. It is also beneficial because we learn to appreciate our health, which we otherwise take for granted. We all fear falling ill because of the sheer inconvenience and discomfort of it all. We find ourselves at the mercy of Allah Ta’ala and should take advantage of this time to increase our ibadat and make Dua to Allah.However, there are also many benefits of keeping well. The most obvious of which is experiencing good health, minor daily discomforts and being able to perform our daily activities which include Dawah and Ibadat in our Homes and communities.

There are numerous ways to keep healthy all year round. Winter is regarded as “Flu Season”; therefore we are extra cautious of contracting infections. Remember that health and illness both come from Allah Ta’ala but this does not mean that we should sit back and expect to fall sick. Take a stand and try your best to keep healthy this winter. Here are a few tips on how to go about achieving this goal.

Eat a balanced diet. We have heard this hundreds of times but not many of us understand exactly what it means. It simply means that a correct proportion of each food group needs to be consumed daily to promote optimal functioning of the body’s systems resulting in a healthier overall status. The various types of food consumed by man are essential to promote optimal organ functioning, cell repair and regeneration, muscle build up, energy production and the maintenance of a strong immune system.


Adequate hydration is essential and ultimately the quantity of water which your body needs, depends upon your water output. For example if you find that you perspire a great deal in summer, then you need to consume extra fluids during that time to ensure that the body does not dehydrate. Remember that adequate hydration keeps skin supple, thus delaying premature wrinkling of the skin and reducing the appearance of stretch marks.


 Always wash ingredients before preparing food and cook food well to eradicate harmful microbes within the food.


Consume smaller meals and eat only when hungry. Chew your food well as this may reduce air intake.


 Reduce the consumption of refined sugars and salts. Check the labels of products which contain fats.


Increase your daily intake of Vitamin C. Ask your health care provider for guidance regarding which product on the market may be best suited to you.Oranges are a great source of Vitamin C.


 Nurture your skin. Exfoliate and moisturise your skin to remove the dead cells and give it that gorgeous glow.


Stretch and exercise. This helps reduce tension and stress. It also improves balance and blood flow around the body. If you enjoy exercising at a rapid rate then why not try jogging, hiking or swimming –obviously bearing the laws of Hijab in mind. If you’d prefer keeping it slow or toned down, then perhaps stretching exercises may be best suited to you.


Maintain a healthy sense of humour and be positive. Have you ever noticed that if we keep on complaining, then we search for good company, but when we are all about Da’wah and laughter, then good company comes searching for us? Let’s always try to see the good, even in the bad and make shukr for what we have. LIFE IS EXCITING! Just remember to keep it halaal and pure.



 Keep taking your prescribed medicines for all acute and chronic conditions, as ordered by the doctor or pharmacist. Monitor your body’s parameters, paying attention to problem areas such as blood pressure or blood sugar levels.


Never underestimate the value of a good night sleep. During sleep the body is able to repair itself, thus reducing the chances of depression and anxiety.


But most important of all, enjoy a heart to heart chat with your Rabb. Remember that He is always listening and will never turn you away. It is the greatest friendship that any human being could ever have!!!


-Sister Ayesha Vadia Moola for



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