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The prime reason for the creation of man is that he earns the pleasure of Allah.This depends on seeking knowledge of that which pleases him, and thereafter living that lifestyle. In turn, living depends upon the health of the body and this can only be achieved by eating and drinking. The Ulama have said:

“Eating is part of Deen”

This will only apply if one eats to please Allah  and to obtain the strength for his worship, and not for the sake of indulgence and desires. We should always keep in mind the fact that eating is not an objective in itself, but rather a means to strengthen our bodies in order to worship Allah and serve His religion.

There is no doubt that we all love good food! And it is amazing how much time we spend buying,preparing,eating or even just talking about food.

Part of every woman’s dream is to be appreciated for her expertise in the kitchen domain and to impress family and friends with scrumptious meals.Indeed,most woman desire for status as a culinary expert. Some are fortunate to have a natural forte with food, whilst others have to acquire it through practice.

All of the recipes you will find here have been tried and tested.

I hope these recipe’s will provide you with the opportunity to experiment, explore and enjoy the diverse cuisines, as well as discover a new and exciting culture through its various flavors.

Bon appétit!

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