O’ Muslimah! You can be equal to a man in…..or greater…

I entered a large society. I walked through its districts and roamed through its squares. I wanted to explore its condition and discover its hiding places. I realized that there is no need to explore, for its doors are open and its secrets exposed. So I asked about my fellow sisters.

I saw them deceived by fake appearances, running after new trends with fake slogans, competing with each other so each one could say, “ I am the best”. You see them walking freely in the markets, lost in the streets, wasting money. At wedding and functions they are clothed but naked, showing off their expensive dresses, high heels, and flashing their latest diamond jewellery. You see them wearing a new dress at every gathering clutching the latest Louis vuitton handbag and boasting with the latest iPhones in their brilliant colors and advanced styles for fame.

We see the extravagance and wastefulness in every corner. They closed the doors upon themselves and pulled their curtains so they do not get disturbed by painful cries of our sisters in jail or the disturbed yells of the many orphaned children.

It’s like they were created for themselves, they’ve been deceived by Dunya (worldly) fancy glitters and temporary enjoyment, and they pretend to forget that they have a family other than their family at home, sisters other than their real sisters. They are tied to them by the best humanly bonds.

We see our brothers killed, imprisoned by oppressors and a destructive order. We see our sisters and children who live in fear and hunger in homes that are left lifeless after the parting of the loved ones. She fears the enemy’s soldiers will break down the door, and tear up the protective cover of her child. She wipes away the tears of a desperate poor child. He sleeps in the open air without cover and can’t find anything warm except his mothers embrace. He cannot sleep without being awakened by the sound of artillery. All this is the result of the enemy who ran over our lands with oppression and force, with power, hatred, and enmity, stealing and robbing.

We see the blood of our Ummah being spilt, unjust imprisonment, persecution, and destruction, and still these women have closed their balconies and turned away their hearts. Until when this desertion? And until when this heedlessness and forgetfulness?

O sister, I ask you, do you sleep comfortably while their eyelids are kept awake by the enemy’s hands? And how do you enjoy living luxuriously while your brothers go through what they go through from severe trials? How do you enjoy life when you hear of the terrified screams of your sisters in the prisons of the enemy?


O descendant of Khadijah, Asma and Aisha (radi Allahu anha)… isn’t it time for you to realize that in this Dunya there is life and death, truth and falsehood, trials and ease, strike and revenge, Islam and Kufr. Who from among the women today carries the worry of the Ummah? Which one among the women cried over the fall of Qandahar?

By Allah, you don’t see among the women except those who cry over love, and are not the least pained over that which befalls this great religion of Islam and its people!

I know you might ask, what am I to do? I am just a fragile woman.

Dear sister, there are times when we feel worthless. We feel as if we have no value in this society, as if we are there for no reason. We begin to dismiss our worth and our self appreciation because we do not know what it is. We struggle with inability to understand who we are, and surely that only comes from lack of faith and Iman. It comes from struggling to be accepted by society and ‘fitting in’. And when we do ‘fit in’ we lose the most valuable part of ourselves; we become robots whose only goal is to be exactly like everyone else. And that is when it becomes obvious that our goal becomes to please others, instead of pleasing Allah. Thus we forget our true identity.

It is your duty to be part of this Ummah. So what about your place, where do you stand in this rapidly growing Ummah? Every scholar started with little knowledge. Every motivator was previously motivated by someone else. Every Imam had to attend classes to earn his title. Every leader began as a follower and took the initiative to stand on his own feet. So my sister, don’t just attend a lecture, be the speaker. Don’t wait for the author to write, be the author. Don’t just be a part of the Ummah, help improve it. Rasulullah Sallallāhu Alayhi Wasallam did all that he could for the Ummah right until his last breath he cried Ummati Ummati (my Ummah, my Ummah). Even on the day of judgment while everyone will be looking out for themselves, our beloved  prophet will be crying out for the Ummah. Follow the lead of Rasulullah Sallallāhu Alayhi Wasallam and look out for your Ummah.

O sister, the time has come, you have to wake up the hearts of the men, and arouse the determination of the heroes and say, “we refuse humiliation and subjection and we want to be free from having to bow to the cross worshipers . You have to encourage your loved ones in the path of Allah to uphold the banner of Islam and fight for the victory of this Deen. You have to instill your children with a love  of  going out in the path of Allah to fight for the victory of this Ummah and remind the men of their duty to Allah.The Lord of the worlds is more deserving that we sacrifice what is most beloved to us for His sake, from our lives and wealth.

I say to you my Muslim sister, the least that is expected from you is that when your dear and loved ones set out in the path of Allah to give victory to this Deen, that you stay patient and be pleased by Allah’s orders. And that you are cautious that you do not repel others from the path of Allah and you do not become an obstacle on their way to Allah’s pleasure. Allah says in the Quran “those who prefer this life instead of the hereafter and hinder from the path of Allah (Islam)… they are far astray” (14:3)

So be like Al Khansa, Nusayba, Umm Ammarah and Safiyyah (radi Allahu anha) whose examples can still be found in our times in far away lands, those who sought to lift the humiliation and shame of the Ummah and raise the banner of victory for Islam and the Muslims with the blood of their sons, and sought to end the spread of Kufr in the lands of Islam and its people.

O mothers of the upcoming generation, it is your obligation and responsibility to teach and enlighten your children. They are the precious gems in your life. They are your amanah (trust) and responsibility. You should teach them about Islam and give them its history so that they can learn to love their Deen and get ready to fight for the sake of it. Above all, you should immunize them from falsification and deception regarding our true victorious Deen. Encourage them to seek knowledge which will benefit the Muslim nation. You should put sense into the minds of your family and remind them of their responsibilities to our Deen.

It is said: “The woman is the essence of the Ummah, and any shortcoming from her is true defeat.”

It is you my dear sister who is the essence of the Ummah. What a great role you have in this Ummah! So strengthen your Iman upon patience and have strong determination towards Islam and aiding the Ummah. The utmost love, respect, and appreciation belongs to you believing mother, sister, and daughter.

Lastly my dear sister in Islam, there are times when you are wrapped up in worldly gains and tend to forget about your role and part in this growing Ummah. Times where nothing matter to you except little quarrels between you and your friends. Times when you force yourself to believe that there is no one out there better than you…our everyday life struggle is nothing compared to the agony and pain of our sisters in Palestine, Burma, Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan. There is so much more within your reach that you have carved for yourself. You are not like other women who are deceived by the glitter and fancy of this temporary Dunya, you are a strong willed Muslimah who wants to build a nation that says no to oppression. A Muslimah who wants to abide by the rules of Allah.


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