Respect – You give, you get!

Adab (respect) is natural, it isn’t really taught, or learnt, but it is naturally developed.

Children acquire adab from their parents, students from their teachers, the young from the elders.

We may have much knowledge but lack adab and we may have much adab but lack knowledge; but it is adab that holds the greater value and importance.


In today’s society, where parents, teachers, and elders are no longer given their correct honours, respect or rights ; basic manners have made a swift exit, whilst we compete for glory, knowledge, or worldly gain.


A person who respects authority, goes a long way. He will be honoured by all.


A person who is disrespectful to seniors will face major problems in his life.


Ponder over this ………..

Many case scenarios – It starts from a young age at home. If this is not remedied early, will spill over to school, Madrasah and varsity. And perhaps to their work places.


Now, do we want to breed a future rebellious generation ?


Let us work towards eradicating this undesirable character.


May Allah help us to become good and better Muslims. Aameen.

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