Show Our Children The Road To The Masjid-They Will Connect To Allah

Parents generally worry about the worldly well being of their children and make great sacrifices for their worldly comfort. The actual concern of parents should be about their death with Iman and their wellbeing in the hereafter and to nuture them accordingly.
Umar bin Abdul Aziz Rahimahullah was a great Khalifa of the time. He left a very small estate for his children. When he was asked about the worldly comforts of his children, he said “I thought my children to obey Allah.” Over a period of time, the very children of Umar bin Abdul Aziz became very wealthy and used to spend large amounts of money in the path of Allah. On the contrary, Hisham bin Abdul Malik Rahimahullah who was also a Khalifa left a large estate for his children. Over a period of time his children became paupers and people saw them begging on the streets of Baghdad.

When we teach our children Allah consciousness, that will be useful to them in this world and the hereafter. If we give our children all the comforts of the world besides Deen, the very comforts will be a means of their destruction in this world and the hereafter. It is holiday time. Everyone is gone on relaxed mode and tend to drop their guards. We know the fitna of drugs, drinking, and intermingling in the outside world.

It is our responsibility to guard our children and save them from falling prey to the evils around us. Show our children the road to the Masjid- they will connect to Allah.

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