The Sun of Mercy

When the sun (which is only a creation) in the sky can convert impurities to fragrant flowers, then what will be the condition of Allah’s sun of grace? When the rays of Allah’s mercy shine on the evil thoughts in the heart, those thoughts are changed to the light of piety. Allah does not require capability or a certificate for giving. Moulana Rumi (Rehmatullah A\'leyh)  mentioned;

Choon Khabeesaan Raa Chaneein KhilAt Dahi ; Mun Chey Goyum Taibein Racha Dahi

When Allah can grant filthy impurities such garments and Noor, then what will He be able to give his pure servants. Moulana Jalalud-din Rumi (Rehmatullah A\'leyh) is at a loss of vocabulary to express what bounties Allah grants those salikeen and murideen and those who tread His path.

When the sun of Allah’s grace rises on people’s hearts, their evil character changes to virtuous character. The love which was being sacrificed for decaying corpses is now being sacrificed for Allah in prostration. That love is expressed now by placing the head on the ground in prostration by saying, “Subhana Rabbiyal A’la”.Honor belongs to the one who places his head at the feet of the Creator of the head. He will have no difficulties.


Source: Life of piety by Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb (Rahimahullah)

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