The Children Of Today-The Islam Of Tomorrow

As Muslims we are blessed with reminders at the dawn of each Islamic month. The month of Rajab  brings with it the beautiful all-encompassing treasure of Salaah.Let us use this as an opportunity to ponder and reflect over the quality of our own Salaah,to make this a practice in our lives if we are not already doing so, and if we are, to make each Salaah the best one of our lives.

Let us inculcate in our children true love for Salaah as opposed to being a “burden” or a “task” that needs to be completed asap:”Naoozubillah”!

Fathers take your sons to the Masjid instead of allowing Shaitaan to take them to his dens of vice and sin.

Mothers create an environment of Salaah in your home and stress upon the fulfillment of all needs through Salaah…be it the Pritt your child needs for school or success in the examinations. Instead of running off to yoga and fitness classes, show your daughter’s the true bounties of Salaah.

Single parents-no excuse either.Allah azza wajal has blessed you with many avenues and resources to infuse the hearts and souls of the little ones with the love to be the flag bearers of Islam.Designate the little ones with calling out the Azaan,Preparing the Salaah area, walking the elder ones…use rewards and incentives(star charts etc),audio and visual aids, bring the spirit of Salaah and Islam ALIVE in our homes! We adorn our homes/children’s rooms with fancy accessories, activity areas etc… Have we specified an area for Salaah?

Do we even know what the rewards for Salaah are, not to mention the countless physical, medical, and emotional benefits? If we but embraced and treasured this beautiful gift we would not be worried in our search and crave for peace in this world…

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