The crave for Madinah Munawwarah

If I could hold the earth in my hands
I would see a glowing amongst the lands
where would this be? You might want to see!
Is it America? Canada or the U A E?

It is like a bulb that spreads its shine
across the seas to form a design
A moon on the earth illuminating around
A place in our midst that’s most profound

Its none other than Sweet Sweet Madeenah!
The land of my beloved Rasul Sallallāhu Alayhi Wasallam ,a part of Jannah
The peace and tranquility, unimaginable
All our troubles just begin to crumble

Taking in each breath of the Mubarak air
Trying to keep it in me, not to go anywhere
encompassing my heart and mind
Nothing can explain the ecstasy I find

May Allah take us all again and again
To visit the amazing Haramain Shareefain
It is our deepest craving and desire to visit
The most blessed place on this planet


(Author : Unknown)

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