Health And Beauty Benefits of Rose Water

Rose water is a miracle product brought to us by nature. It has lots of naturally good things like the Vitamin A and C and it has antioxidants that help in reviving tired skin and giving it a glowing complexion. There are many other uses for rose water as it in rich in vitamin and has anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used to treat sun-burns, inflamed gums and can also be used as a hair conditioner etc. Rose is a natural astringent with anti-inflammatory qualities, as well as being excellent for hydrating and rejuvenating the skin.

A Cleanser: 

It can be used as a gentle facial cleanser.  Make your own by mixing one cup of rose water, 2 teaspoons of glycerin and 10 drops of rose essential oil. The essential oil will add to the cleansing properties of this rose water cleanser as well as help preserve it.

An Anti-Wrinkle Agent:

Apply rose water to your face to tighten pores and prevent wrinkles.  Acting as an astringent with anti-inflammatory agents, the rose water will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Use For Irritated Eyes:

Using makeup and eye shadows regularly can make your eyes feel dry and irritated. Rose water is very effective for irritation, redness, and inflammation of eye. Apply 2-3 drops in the eye 2-3 times a day.

Get Rid Of Excessively Dry or Oily Skin:

Rose water helps to balance the pH of the skin, helping to control both dry and oily skin and can soothe many types of dermatitis.

Use It As A Setting Spray:

Rose water works amazingly as a makeup setting spray. These days you can get rose water in a spray bottle. Spritz a little bit after you have finished doing your makeup and it will set it into place. It will give you a very nice healthy and dewy finish.

Use it to remove your makeup:

Use rose water to remove your makeup. Dab with a cotton swab and gently rub in a circular motion on the face until makeup is removed.

Get rid of Acne & Blackheads:

Rose water is also used to treat pimples and to get rid of blackheads. The rose petals have antibacterial properties and are soothing to the skin. Mix rose water with lemon juice and applying to the skin twice a week . Another way to use rose water is to boil petals in water and steam the face for ten minutes.

Get Rid Of Itchy Scalp & Induce Hair Growth:

As  rose water is anti-inflammatory and reduces dryness it’s really good for dry itchy scalp. Rinse your head with rosewater mixed in water. It also nourishes the hair and induces hair growth by increasing the blood flow.

A Toner:

It can be used as a natural facial toner because rose water helps to absorb excess oil from the skin without leaving a drying effect. Make your own by combining 1 1/4 cups of rose water, eight drops of glycerin and 3/4 cup of witch hazel in a dark glass bottle (this is important because you do not want light to affect the mixture). Shake the bottle well before use, and apply daily.  Rose water toner is perfect to combat acne.

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