Can the 6 Shawwal fasts compensate for the missed fasts in Ramadhan?


I have 6 fasts of ramadhan which I missed due to menses. Will my 6 fasts of shabaan be considered as the missed one or will I get the reward for it as the 6 fasts of shabaan?

My husband works as a jr resident in a hospital. He has a female co worker who is a Hindu . Is it permissible for him to do dawah to her or speaking to her only in terms of work is allowed?


The six fasts of Shawwal are Nafl. The six fasts which you missed in Ramadhan are fardh. Nafl fasts cannot compensate for the missed fats of Ramadhan. However, if you make intention of keeping Qadha fasts of Ramdhan in Shawwal, then only the Qadha fasts will be fulfilled.

Your husband should confine his contact with the female co-worker to work related issues. His pious character and piety itself will be a form of Da’wah.

And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai.

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