Maryam(Radi allahu anha)

After she was born, her mother took her to Baytul Maqdis in fulfillment of her vow. When she reached the  Musjid. She informed the pious servant from there to take her because she had vowed this child for the Musjid. Because she was from a pious family, all the pious people who were based at Baytul Maqdis wanted to rear her and bring her up.Zakariyya(a.s) was also amongst them. He was the uncle of Maryam.he therefore had a greater right of taking care of her. But because all the others were clamoring to take care of her they agreed upon a certain system to determine who will take care of her. Eventually the lot feel in the name of zakariyya(a.s).he took her and began looking after her. She began growing very quiclkly, much faster than other children her age and very soon she appeared to very grown up. From a young age she was very pious. Allah has referred to her as a wali in the Quran. It has also been mentioned that she used to receive different types of fruit when it was not even the season to receive such fruit.Zakariyya (a.s) used to ask her “from where are you receiving this fruit?” She used to reply “from Allah. In short her entire life was something to marvel about.

When she became mature, solely through the power of Allah she became pregnant without any man touching her. It was from this pregnancy that Isa (a.s) was born. On seeing that she gave birth without a man, the Jews began accusing her of adultery. In order to prove them wrong, Allah gave Hadhrat  Isa (a.s) the power to speak while he was still a baby. He spoke of such great things that all those who possessed a just and open mind agreed that this is an example of Allahs power; that he was in fact born without a father and that his mother was pure and innocent. Rasulullah Sallallāhu Alayhi Wasallam has mentioned her piety by saying that from amongst the woman, no one reached a stage of excellence Hadhrat Maryam and Asiyah.

The lesson to be derived:

Her mother had devoted her to Allah. She became very pious. She remained obedient to Allah to the extent that she became a wali.The blessing of this was that Allah saved her from the accusations of Allah.O woman! Continue obeying Allah and you will be protected from all more attention to the Deeni affairs of your children and do not make them slaves of this world.

(Bahishti Zewar)

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