The Importance of Da’wah and Lifelong Learning

“The sun should not set on a day in which no Islamic knowledge was gained. Make a plan for everyday of your life.” – Umme Abdullah, Masjidun Nabawi


These words were life changing for me, dear sisters. They were spoken by a wise woman called Umme Abdullah at Masjidun Nabawi last year. As we Hajianis, sat patiently waiting for our turn to visit Raudhal Jannah, this beautiful woman explained to us that the search for knowledge never ceases, as the heart of a muslim has an insatiable need for knowledge. We were advised to live like the sahaabah, with regard to their quest for understanding. Umme Abdullah emphasised upon the searching for answers to deeni questions. After all, how can we do what we do, if we do not know why and how?

I consider myself to be a “lay man” as compared to the level of knowledge which many sisters possess. And this is just 1 of the many reasons that I have written this article, appealing to the academic within each and every muslimah to keep on learning. I appeal to every muslimah to impart her knowledge and wisdom unto her fellow sisters. Surely, we are not foolish to deny ourselves the blessings of Allah Ta’ala through Da’wah.

Lifelong learning keeps our minds and souls fit. It reminds us of who we are and why we are here. It reminds us to keep with the righteous. Lifelong learning in this context yaa muslimah, means improving ourselves for the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala. This may be deeni related, or something as simple as adopting cheerfulness and dispelling jealousy.

Islam is not diminishing in any form. Alhamdulillah. There is a revival. The days of mainly the elderly being religiously orientated have passed. Today, we see our youngsters battle their nafs, just as we do. Some win and some lose. But ultimately we all turn to Allah Ta’ala. Let us give our youth a forum to be heard. Let us establish rapport with them. It is through helping and educating others, that we will keep learning and Insha Allah achieve great reward. Ameen. It is incumbent upon each of us to spread the word of Allah Ta’ala. Let us make the intention that whatever we do, it is done solely for the pleasure of AllahTa’ala.

Alhamdulillah, we are fortunate to grow up in homes, where Islamic education remains a priority. However, what do we do with this knowledge thereafter? Do we keep it to ourselves? Do we use it only in our homes? Do we use it at all? Sisters, it is what we do with this knowledge and information that matters. For example: we know that if we use miswaak, then the reward of our ibadat is increased manifold. However, sharing this information may not be enough. In this case dear sisters, let us purchase and hand out miswaak. Thus da’wah here is not just by speech but in demonstration by providing the sister with the necessary tool required.

How else can Da’wah be carried?

We could use our mouths, eyes and ears to hold and attend lectures, seminars and workshops. Let us group together and address topics relevant to our communities. We need to liaise with ulema and use authentic and untampered sources of evidence.

We may use our bodies, arms and legs by rushing to the assistance of other fellow muslim sisters. The technologically advanced individuals may also insert a hadith as a header or footer in each e mail which goes out. We may also sms quranic meanings, publish booklets, write articles, demonstrate procedures and illustrate using charts. Use whatever skill you may have for the propagation of your deen. It is a gift from Allah Ta’ala.

We must use our hearts and souls, by thinking well of our LORD, and by remaining consistent in our efforts.

My dear sisters, remember this;

“Madressahs” and “Kitabs” are not only for our children, but for us too!

By~Sister Ayesha Vadia Moola

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