Generosity of a Woman’s Heart

A great quality, in fact probably one of Hazrat Aisha’s most distinctive virtues was her generosity. This inspirational quality truly can be gauged from the following incident. Hazrat Abdullah Bin Zubayr (may Allah be pleased with him) said I have never seen a person more generous than her. Once Amir Mu’awiya sent her a hundred thousand dirham’s from Syria. She gave them away in charity before sunset and never kept anything back for her personal needs. By chance she was observing a fast on that day. The maid servant said there was nothing for breaking the fast. Only then she said ‘why did you not remind me earlier’.  Subhanallah!

Generosity is a great virtue and characteristic, in fact Islam gained a lot of strength and power through the generosity of the sahaabiyaat just as it did through the generosity of the blessed sahaaba. Today many of us truly are lacking behind in this quality. We can spend hundreds of pounds on clothing or in adorning our homes, yet when it comes to spending in the path of Allah (subhanahu watala) the devil begins to make us count our pennies and pounds thus we too often hold back from spending generously! Remember dear sisters wealth is even more fickle than beauty. We can be wealthy at night, yet pauper by morning.

Being generous for the sake of Allah will also assist us greatly in ridding the love of the world from our hearts. Look in to the lives of the wives of the Prophet and sahaabiyaat; in the beginning of Islam they lived a life of poverty, sacrifice and simplicity. The affect of this poverty used to become apparent from their clothing and houses. Their homes were bare and simple. Yet despite this poverty nothing stopped them from spending in the path of Allah (subhanahu watala). This surely explains why these blessed women received so many blessings in return. Therefore dear sisters become a woman who is known for her simplicity and generosity, for these sure are characteristics that are most beloved to Allah; and make this your aspiration for life!

By~Sister Arifa Bhika


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