Introduction on Health

As Muslims we often read many articles about reforming our spiritual selves and sometimes we begin to neglect our physical selves. However the two go hand in hand. Without good physical health we would weaken or become sick and so neglect our spiritual duties. Along with this there is good mental health, for without a peaceful and stress-free mind both our physical and spiritual selves could be neglected. We have a solution that promotes well-being of both mind and body!

We tend to focus on the ritualistic aspects of our religion, without realizing that we have to give time and attention to our bodies that Allah created. Surely a happy and healthy person can do a much better job compared to that done by a sickly one! Hence, being healthy is not only beneficial to our own selves but also to others as well.

The information shared with you in this Health section is practical self help advice that can be implemented in your everyday life. Change is always hard and needs strong will, time, and effort, but if you take it one step at a time, you will slowly but surely be able to achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle that (most importantly) conforms to Islamic teachings.

Always remember the ultimate goal: To attain Allah’s pleasure!

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