TIME – The Precious “PRESENT”

As we proceed into Ramadhan InshaAllah, we have to realize that almost another year has gone by since the last Ramadhan and it will never come back again. It has been subtracted from our lives; hence we are even closer in our race to the finish line, our graves. Are we ready to face the reality?

Remember,the grave could either be a pit of hell or a garden of paradise.

Now is the time to take an account of the TIME that Allah has blessed us with. Ponder on how we use this precious time and how we let it pass by! Remember very soon that time is coming when we all have to stand in the court of Allah and give an account of how we spent our time.

Have we really spent this time in accordance with the commandment of Allah and the Sunnah of Rasulullah Sallallāhu Alayhi Wasallam?

Everyone naturally likes ‘PRESENTS’.
Alhamdolillah Allah has given all of us our ‘present’ in our hands which is the present time. Deposit the present time into an investment account of the hereafter. Rasulullah Sallallāhu Alayhi Wasallam said,the intelligent one is he who recognizes himself and prepares for after death.

Abu Haamid Lifaaf Rahmatullah alaih once said ‘a person who remembers death abundantly is bestowed with three favors:

1) He is given the Taufiq to repent early.

2) His earnings become sufficient for him.

3) He is able to do his Ibadat with zeal and freshness.

On the other hand the one who is unmindful of death is involved in three issues:

1) He keeps on delaying in repentance (Taubah).

2) He is never satisfied with his earnings no matter how much he earns.

3) He becomes lazy in his Ibaadat.

Remembering death frequently makes it easy for us to prepare for death and the heart becomes alive, and death is made easy.

Alhamdolillah Ramadhan is approaching and it is the promise of Allah that our good deeds will be multiplied many folds in this holy month, it is the time to invest for the Aakhirah.

May Allah give us all Taufiq to remember death abundantly and start preparing for it with even greater zeal.Aameen.

By~Sister Ayesha Australia for ldealwoman.org

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