8 Little Gestures to Win his Heart

It’s easy to get caught in a routine with your life. You get so used to getting done what you need to during the day that it’s hard remembering to do the little things that make your marriage special. Relationships can thrive better if you prepare little surprises for each other occasionally. Here are some simple things you can do to show your husband just how important he is to you.


1.Leave little notes

Surprise your husband by leaving a note for him. Let him know how much he truly means to you! This is an easy way to show your husband that you are thinking about him and bring a smile to his face at unexpected times. Notes are simple and easy, but they mean a lot.


2. A homemade romantic dinner

They say that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And for the most part that saying is true. No man can deny a delicious, homemade meal prepared by his loved one. A pretty table setting with a bunch of flowers, serviettes,  and some candles can set the mood. It might seem insignificant but once your partner sees the amount of effort you’ve put in; he’ll love you for it!


3. Learn to do something he likes to do

Does your husband have a favourite sport or game that he likes to play that you have no interest in? Spend some time on your own learning about one of his hobbies and surprise him, or ask him to teach you something. It is always good to have things you can do together as a couple, and this gesture will show your husband that you are willing to do something he likes to do.


4. A little touch

No matter how many times you have got one, I good old foot or back massage never gets tiring. It’s the perfect way to de stress after a long day at work. Make it special for him by adding some scented candles!


5. Be his best friend

Drop whatever you are doing if he needs to talk to you about things he is having difficulty with. Sometimes he needs you to just listen, there are times he will ask for your opinion and there may be situations when he wants space. Do not be threatened when he needs time to be alone. Respond with compassion and understanding.


6. Do simple things for him often

Sweeten his coffee, get him a glass of water, get his favourite book ready on his bedside, hand him his towel or any other small gesture that will make him feel loved and cared for.


7. Be pretty for him

Flaunt your femininity. Spend a little time on taking care of your appearance and freshen up with a bit of make up before he comes home.


8. Pay attention to his needs

Sometimes we tend to put our kids first, forgetting our husbands need our attention too. Make a conscious effort to take care of your husband and the little things he needs. You might need to mend his shirt, shop for new socks or buy his favourite coffee.


Written By: Sister Sameera for Idealwoman.org


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