Summary of the Womens Program in Zambia | 18/03/2017

Mufti Ebrahim Desai Sahib commenced his talk by highlighting the power of a spousal relationship. The world population is approximately seven billion which constitutes people of diverse colours, casts, creeds, religions and nationalities. This is the outcome of only two people, Adam & Hawa (Alaihima As Salaam).

Mufti Sahib stated that a husband and a wife could be a father and mother of an unknown future generation. A husband and wife should understand the magnanimities of their marriage union. He stated it is because of this union, Shaytaan has made it his priority to attack this union and quoted a Hadith to that effect. He then presented examples of marriage differences in the lives of the Sahabah (Radhiyallahu Anhum). He then highlighted five issues to overcome challenges in a marriage.

  1. Adjustment.

Mufti Sahib explained this with a verse of the Holy Qur’aan in which Allah Ta’ālā refers to the spouses as clothing for the other. He deduced the point of not being selfish and self-centred in a marriage. If the wife accommodates the husband, it will be she who will ultimately benefit.

Express Love.

Mufti Sahib stated that merely having love is not sufficient. Expressing love is what is required in a marriage. If one has a bottle of perfume but is not sprayed, how will one appreciate the fragrance. Many examples from the sunnah were cited regarding this point.

  1. Attitude.

A married woman should act as a wife, not just a woman. Never neglect your husband. Mufti Sahib advised on what a wife should do when a husband goes to work and when he returns from work. Many wise words regarding this point and building trust were mentioned under this point.

  1. Make your husbands home your home.

Never ever make your husbands home subservient to your mother’s home and her rules. Make his interests your interests. Make his concerns and problems, your problems. Some incidents were mentioned to expound the above point.

  1. Biological needs of the husband.

The purpose of nikah is to maintain chastity and be pure. In this era of technology when just about everything stirs a person’s carnal desires, the wife should co-operate in achieving the objective of chastity and purity.

Lastly Mufti Sahib shared a recipe of 10 points for a happy and successful marriage.

The talk can be downloaded here.


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