The Deception of this World

This worldly life has come upon us with its adornments, we rushed into it competing and conflicting about its vanities. Hence, it has distracted many of us from worshipping Allah and making provisions for the Hereafter. We forgot meeting our Lord. We have become occupied with it rather than with the pleasure that Allah has prepared for us if we renounce it.

Allah, who is the most knowledgeable about this world, has warned us about it. He has said, {So let not this present life deceive you, and let not the chief deceiver (Shaytan) deceive you about Allâh.} [Surat Fâtir: 5]. Allah Almighty has said describing it, {And this life of the world is only an amusement and a play! Verily, the home of the Hereafter – that is the life indeed (i.e. the eternal life that will never end), if they but knew} [Surat Al-Ankabût: 64]

The Prophet (prayers and peace of Allah be upon him) has said, “What have I to do with this worldly life! I am like a rider who sat under a tree (for its shade), then went away and left it.”The Prophet (prayers and peace of Allah be upon him) has also said, “Verily! This world is accursed and what it contains is accursed, except remembrance of Allah and what is similar to it, and a learned or learning person.”

Because of the triviality and paltriness of this worldly life to Allah, He isolated it from the dearest and most honorable creatures to Him, Muhammad ibn Abdullah, (prayers and peace of Allah be upon him). If it had been good, He would have driven it, given it submissively to him. However, because Allah honors him and disdains it, He kept it hidden and took it away from him.

Ibn Abbas (May Allah be pleased with him) said, “The Messenger of Allah and his family would stay consecutive days starving, because they do not find anything to eat. Their bread was mostly barley.”

What are we to say about all the graces that we have? Have we thanked Allah for them? Oh Allah, do not expose our faults, as we are weak and make us thankful for your graces.

This worldly life is similar to a passing dream or fast-moving clouds. If it caused one to laugh a little, it will cause him to weep much. If it pleases one for days or weeks, it will displease him for months or years. If it satisfies one for a while, it will deprive him for ages. It may grant someone few joys, but at the same time it conceals for him many grieves.


Only the deceived one is he who trusts it.

A sleeper’s dream or a passing cloud

By which no wise may be deceived.


Its hopes are false, and its aspirations are vain. Its living is troubled, and its clearness is muddy. People in it are in danger of abject poverty, dreadful ordeals, terrible trials or eventual demise.

Masruk ibn Abdurrahman led his nephew to some garbage in Kufa and said to him, “Let me show you this worldly life! This is it. It is food thrown after being eaten, clothes after fraying, and mounts after dying, for that they shed bloods, transgress limits, and sever kinship.” … (To be continued)

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