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Asma(radi Allahu anha- may Allah be pleased with her Ameen) praises the women of the Ansaar.

She says “My neighbors who were Ansaari women used to bake the bread for me.”
She further says:“They (Ansari women) were truthful women.” (Bukhari ,vol 2,pg 786,Qadimi)
There are many women who are widows, divorcees and single mothers who work hard to earn an honest living. It is through the income of home industries they pay their rental, utility bills, and fulfill their basic necessities.
Such women rely on the support of the public for the success of their home industry business.
We hope the directory in this forum will be useful to identify such home industries and empower women who wish to maintain their dignity by remaining in the confines of their homes and earning an honest living.


You may email your home industry services to admin@idealwoman.org with the following particulars:

 Type of industry-(example-savories, confectionaries, sewing etc.)
 Location-
 Telephone No-




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