A Woman’s Aspirations (Part 1)

What is there that a woman may not do? Well Alhamdulillah, she can do everything except what Allah has forbidden her. The teachings of Islam tell us what the limits of behavior are, anyone who goes beyond these limits is likely to meet trouble in this world and the hereafter. On the contrary the best of women have lived their lives within the limits of Allah and have achieved much success. And it is through these very actions, characteristics and perfect way of life that even today women of this day and age can attain the very same status.

They gained love and respect not only by those who loved them but by those who came to hear about them long after they died. This is what you truly class as success. The level of respect and confidence which the general Muslims had for the wives of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) can be determined from the fact that people use to bring their young children to Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) and  request her to make dua for them. Unfortunately today there are many misconceptions in regards to the status of women in Islam; however study reveals that Islam has given women more honour, dignity and status in society then any creed has ever granted to their women.

And we, you and I are lucky enough to have the lifestyles of these great women before our very eyes in the form of authentic books and Ahadith. This is a great bounty from Allah Subhanahu watala which we should take advantage of! A study of the seerah of Rasullullah (peace be upon him) is necessary and essential for Muslim sisters who wish to learn about their roles, responsibilities and status. This will strengthen our connection with Allah, it will increase our efforts to obey our Creator and thus eventually develop much greater and deeper love for Him.

All of the wives of the prophet (peace be upon him) were good women and perfectly devoted. They had complete faith in the Prophet (peace be upon him), in his sayings, in Allah and His attributes and about the reality of the hereafter. They were obedient and imitated him in all his habits. Each one of them were incredible women that if we were to mention separately each quality the list would be endless. We will however mention a few of these qualities and as the weeks pass by continue to do so. The reason being is that if we learn the way these women lived,  if we hear about their great qualities, if we read with passion and zeal, and we ask Allah Subhanahu watala to give us such qualities, with a little effort and strife you will see that we will actually be able to bring their excellence into our lives.

By~ A Sister


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