Identify your marital problems – Session 2

On Saturday, May 26th, 2012 Shaykh Mufti Ebrahim Desai  conducted the second session on marriage related problems.  He expounded that marriage is a commitment and a solemn promise for a lifelong relationship.  He urged women to approach marital obligations carefully and with due diligence.  Bricks put together make a house.  Hearts put together make a home.  Bricks separated break a house.  Broken hearts break a home.  There are certain things that are Fardh (compulsory) to do in a marriage and certain things are Harām (prohibited) in a marriage. The Shaykh then elaborated on two important issues:


1) Know the temperament of your husband and adjust accordingly. His heart is like a battery with power and life in it.You need to extract that hidden love from him.

2) Express love for your husband to the extent that he believes you truly love him.

Love begets love.

Shaykh then presented beautiful examples of how Sayyidah Aisha Radhi Allahu Anha expresses her love for Rasulullah Sallallāhu Alayhi Wasallam.

What are the consequences of not knowing your husband and not showing him love?


Hear the complete lecture here:

Identify your Marital Problems series#2 May 26th 20122

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  1. Anonymous

    Assalaamu aluikum

    I am not able to save the talks by our respected Mufti Saheb. When I right click on the link and choose option “save target as”, it only saves the link to this website and not the actual file.

    Please advise


    Was salaam

  2. I am married for 2.5 years, she is still disobedient and debates on each n everything I say. Never listens to me and hates my mother, sister and brother, including me to some extent. does not fulfill her responsibility towards home like cooking ironing clothes for me and does not keep a smiling happy environment in house, always suspicious and serious and debating to fight against me. i gave her a beautiful home all luxuries in house, home appliances, luxury lifestyle, taking out for travelling, dinner, entertainment but she takes it for granted that I have to do it and is not special for her.
    when I ask her to do anything in house she tells me it is her decision and i should not tell her, else she will shout and abuse me.

    she is in india for delivery of our first kid at her mothers house, now it is 2 months after delivery but she does not want to go my home in india. she hates my family and even me.
    she sees me as a means of earning money and luxury for her like a slave.

    i dont want to live now it is 2.5 years i am tolerating i cannot tolerate naymore i tried dua, i tried explaining him through verious means, her parents tried to explain to her that she should listen to me but nothing works.

    if there is any way please advise from your ilm or pray for me to die.

  3. Admin

    Assalamu alaykum

    Respected brother.

    We make Dua Allah ease your pain and grant you the ability and courage to deal with your predicament efficiently. Ameen

    Kindly direct your question to for attention as this website’s Q&A facility is exclusively for women.

    Admin –

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