Istikhara and your mindset!

When making Istikhara, the intention and condition of the mind is important. The intention must be sincerely to seek the guidance of Allah. Don’t predetermine the issue at hand and make Istikhara merely as a formality.

If one has already predetermined the issue, positively or otherwise and the heart is already inclined in one direction, it is very possible that the dream one gets while making Istikhara is a reflection of one’s mind and heart. That dream cannot be taken as guidance from Allah. It is therefore important to expel all decisions and completely submit to the guidance of Allah.

If one gets conflicting dreams or thoughts in Istikhara, discard such dreams and thoughts and continue the Istikhara with a balanced mind until one is honestly sure and certain of his/her decision.

-Mufti Ebrahim Desai (Hafidhahullah)

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