Actions and consequences

We are responsible for our actions as well as the consequences of our actions. The Consequence of our actions also yield reward and could be punishable. Jannat is the consequence of our Imaan and Amal through the Fazl of Allah Ta’ala. Hell is the consequence of Kufr and evil actions. Good credit standing is due to being a good creditor. We are rewarded with various rewarding programmes, voyager miles, eBucks, Shoppers Rewards etc.

Hazrat Mufti Ebrahim Desai Saheb expands on this from verse 12 of Surah Yaseen and emphasises on how we should consider the consequences of what we do. Sometimes the ideal is left out due to negative consequences. Examples were given from Sunnah. Considering the consequences of one’s actions is an effective way of Islah. The talk was followed by 40 Salaat wa Salaam and Dua by Hazrat Maulana Ahmed Chohan Saheb.

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