You’re Being Watched 24/7

“We need this at every moment, every silence, and every look. It is the subject of being conscious of Allah, the Majestic and most high. Allah says: “he knows of that which deceive you with the eyes and all that the hearts conceal. Indeed noting is hidden from Allah whether in the heavens or earth”.

Nothing is hidden from Allah, the great! He is the lord of this universe. He is the true deity in this universe. Nothing on earth and heaven is unknown to Him. The scholars have mentioned: what is the meaning of consciousness? It is the knowledge of the heart of the nearness of the lord.

By Allah, it is a huge problem that one feels or fears the watch of the creation more than the watch of the great and Almighty creator. If cameras are installed in the market places, streets and gatherings and someone tells you “if you look at a woman, we will deduct from your salary and you will be punished”. Subhan’Allah! You will find people will think a thousand times before they look anywhere! They will lower their gaze. Why? Because there is a camera filming his/her every move. If they commit any wrong, their salary will be deducted. He will think a thousand times due to those cameras. But does he not think a thousand times that Allah is watching me? It is so sad to see people fear from their children, they will not do anything that is forbidden in front of the little children, they fear the reaction of the little children. But don’t they fear Allah the most high, the great? If this proves anything, it proves weakness of Iman.

For this I say, we are in dire need to remember Allah see’s everything at all times. Before you do anything, before you speak anything, before you look and before you make any decision- remember Allah the most high the great see’s you and is recording everything you do. Bishr al Hafi says “if people reflect on the greatness of Allah, they will not disobey Him.

If people reflect on the greatness of Allah they will fear Him, but now people reflect on the greatness of the creation! The greatness of the creation in his heart is immense. So he feels more shame from the creation than the creator.”

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