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Concerned Parents – Typical Teenager

August 14, 2015 - One Comment

My parents force me to do everything I don’t want to and don’t let me do anything I want. They do not even want

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Show Our Children The Road To The Masjid-They Will Connect To Allah

December 31, 2012 - No Comments

Parents generally worry about the worldly well being of their children and make great sacrifices for their worldly comfort. The actual concern of parents should

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Bringing Up Children – Part 3

July 26, 2012 - No Comments

1) When something commendable is observed in the child, congratulate him and reward him. Similarly if something undesirable is seen, then reprimand him for it.

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Celebrating Birthdays In Islam

July 25, 2012 - No Comments

My question is regarding celebrating birthdays. I don’t celebrate birthdays, but my family members do. Every year my in laws take my daughter

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Bringing Up Children – Part 2

July 22, 2012 - One Comment

(Continued from upbringing of Children Part 1)
1) Instill the habit in your children of never being eloquent but rather to be a seeker

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Bringing Up Children – Part1

July 19, 2012 - No Comments

Most parents complain that the younger generation (their children) are dis-obedient, ill-mannered and disrespectful. It appears that the main cause of this rebellion lies in

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