The Night Of Eid

Let us not forget the great virtue of spending the night before Eid in worship! Hadhrat Aisha (Radhiallahu Anha) reports that Rasullullah (salallahu alaihi wasalam) said, “Whoever stays awake and performs ibaadah on the two nights proceeding the two Eids, with hope for abundant reward from Allah, his heart will not die on the day when all hearts will be dead” (i.e. the day of Qiyamah) (Ibn Majah).

Subhan’Allah! Such a great virtue yet so few manage to carry it out. Let us be from amongst the blessed few. Surely, if we just made an intention to make a bit of extra worship on this night Allah will be most appreciative of our efforts and exertions. Remember the more good deeds we perform the better it will be for us all in the hereafter, when every good deed will appear weighty in the scale of deeds!

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