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Designed by women for the women-‘The Ideal Woman’ is home for women from the four corners of the world.

The Ideal Woman is operating under the esteemed personality of Shaykh Mufti Ebrahim Desai Hafidhahullah.The site is managed and administered by females only.


The’ Ideal Woman’ is designed to reach out to Muslim and non-Muslim women all over the world. The aim is to heighten the viewer’s appreciation of the glory of Islam and to enrich their knowledge of Islam.At the same time, through networking, create a bond and true “sisterhood” with our sisters across the four corners of the globe.

Islam transcends biological bonds and unites with the spirit of Islam.

Just as the Hadith:

المسلم أخوا المسلم

‘A Muslim is a brother of a Muslim’

is true, so too is the  statement

المسلمة أخت المسلمة

(A Muslimah is a sister of a Muslimah)

Every Muslimah around the world!


The purpose of this Website is to provide an opportunity for Muslim women from all walks of life to increase their knowledge of Islam and to also heighten their awareness of the high status Allah Ta’ala has bestowed upon them from amongst all of His Creation. At the same time, it is an invitation to Muslim and non-Muslim women to clarify any misrepresentation of Islam they have encountered in the media and to offer assistance to revert sisters by helping them address and clarify any distortions that they may have encountered during their search for Islam.
Sisters from all walks of life are invited to interact with us so that the interests of a wide audience are addressed. Sisters are invited to share stories of their daily experiences, perceptions, challenges, and triumphs about their lives as Muslim women in home and also in the secular world. Sisters are welcome to send in queries regarding any concerns they may be experiencing in their lives.


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  1. Muslimah01

    I would like to thank everyone who set up this website. Its been a pleasure browsing through it and I find it very useful as it covers alot of aspects and solutions can be found on a variety of matters.
    Allah reward you all abundantly aameen.

  2. Asalaamualaykum sisters

    Just want to express my thanks to all responsible for this website. Keep up the good work. May ALLAH keep you all well and safe. I have been regularly visiting this website for many months now and have found it to be excellent. The layout and design is beautiful.


  3. assalamu alaykom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu sisters

    I returned to Islam (hamdulillah) some months ago and I’m desperately looking for other sisters to keep in touch and exchange the knowledge of Allah swt. Unfortunately in my city the little Ummah that lives there isn’t so unite and I feel very constrained.
    Is here anybody who wants to keep in touch with me and help me and my Iman to grow, inchallah?
    pleas contact me,
    chockran sister and mashallah, this site is very beautiful

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