How should I perform my Salahs which I have missed due to attending classes?


Please give me information about Salah on travel. I have to attend my classes after having a journey of 3 hours. I miss my Zuhr, Asr and Maghrib prayer because of my classes. I cannot perform my prayer there as there is no facility and I am a girl. This is also uncomfortable for me. I arrive home at the time of Isha again after a journey of 3hours. Please suggest me how to perform my missed Salahs.



In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.


Salah is one of the pillars of Deen. As Muslims, it is Fardh upon each and every individual who has reached the age of puberty to perform his five daily Salahs. No matter what condition a person may be in, he will have to perform his Salah. So much emphasis has been given to performing Salah that even a person who is lying in his deathbed and breathing his last is also obliged to perform his Salah. If he cannot stand and perform his Salah, he may sit down and offer his Salah. If he is unable to sit down and offer his Salah, he may lie down and offer his Salah. The only condition in which he will be excused from performing his Salah is when he is unconscious and unable to move any limb of his body. In this case too, he will have to make up for the missed Salahs if they are five missed Salahs or lesser.[1] From this, one can realize the importance of Salah.

It is pleasing to know that you are conscious of your daily Salahs. We understand your situation of being a student and that you are unable to perform your Salahs due to attending classes. However, as a Muslim you should not fear in asking the institution to provide you a facility to perform your Salahs. It is your responsibility to request them. Do not feel shy or uncomfortable as you are offering your Salah to please Allah and not the people. Have courage and request the institution to allow you to take out at least 10 minutes to offer your daily prayers. If your institution does not offer you a facility, you may simply find a suitable area for yourself during break hours.

Nevertheless, despite all effort if nothing happens to work out, you have to perform your missed Salahs when you return home at night and repent to Allah for not fulfilling the right of Allah in spite of Allah giving strength to the body, health, food, drinks, etc.


And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best


Checked and Approved by,
Mufti Ebrahim Desai.


[1] “ومن جن” بعارض سماوي “أو أغمي عليه” ولو بفزع من سبع أو آدمي واستمر به “خمس صلوات قضى” تلك الصلوات “ولو” كانت “أكثر” بأن خرج وقت السادسة “لا” يقضي ما فاته كذا عن ابن عمر في الإغماء والجنون مثله هو الصحيح. (حاشية الطحطاوي على مراقي الفلاح شرح نور الإيضاح، ص435، دار الكتب العلمية)

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  1. Dearest sister

    I too faced a similar predicament on campus. May Allah taála reward you for being conscious of the farz salah.

    The golden rule dear sister, is to try and always be in a state of wudhu. When you are in this state, things will naturally follow a progressive order. Thus when on campus, have a bottle of water on hand to perform a quick wudhu and a travel musallah(with a compass) in your handbag. As soon as salah time sets in, be conscious and perform your salah timeously, thus possibly solving the zuhr and Asr salah time ‘íssue’.

    This leaves magribh and Isha. Isha time will last for the evening, therefore, you may perform this at home.

    As for the Magrib time, here again keep yourself in a state of wudhu and Insha Allah, Alla Taála will open up a way for you.

    Love you lillah dear sister and keep the ummah in your duas.

  2. san


    I am a student too in USA. I had a similar problem but have found the simplest solution… the library!! It is often, almost always very convenient to find a place in the corners of the library, its nice and quiet with not many people around. Also all buildings in the US have fire exits which are always empty,unless being used when there is a fire. Many of my friends and I pray in the fire exits (which are usually small hallways, spacious, and no one ever comes there and if someone did , we do not have anything to hide and should be proud!). I found it very convenient to stop in between classes at the library. Also sometimes asar or maghrib would be during the entire duration of my class timings so I would make wudu before class and leave the class for 3-5 mins to go pray in an empty classroom next door. Just get familiar with your surroundings and campus and its easier than you think to find a spot to pray. Allah has made it easy for us to pray anywhere we find a clean space and I have heard each piece of land will testify for you praying on it (please confirm if this is true) so the more places you pray the more land there is to testify for you :)
    Also a friend of mines didn’t wear a hijab but use to carry around a hijab and prayer mat in her bag and find a study room to pray. There are alternatives, just keep an eye out and inshAllah you will find a solution.
    To find the direction and timing you can install many apps on smart phones these days, such as islamic finder, but there are many more and so anywhere you go you can easily pray.
    hope this helps…also people are often confused about going to the bathroom and just using toilet roll. I found it very convenient to always have a mineral water bottle in one of the side pockets of my bag at all times. In the event that I forgot I would just get a plastic cup from starbucks or foodcourt and keep it in my bag.
    Also sometimes one may be at the mall during prayer timings. I find it very convenient to take a few clothes and just go to the fitting rooms and easily pray there. I have done this many times and have never faced any problems of any sort. If I don’t have a prayer mat with me I take paper napkins to lay on the floor.
    Sorry the message is long but I thought I should put out as much advice as I could and hope you and many others find it helpful in any way.

    may Allah guide and helps us all.

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