Ramadhan -Time To Recharge!

In order to derive the utmost benefit from the sacred month of Ramadhan, it is crucial to recognize the spiritual significance and import of this month. Abdullah Ibn Masud states: “The master of the months is Ramadhan and the master of days is the day of Jumu’ah.” (Musannaf ibn Abi Shaybah).

Ramadhan is an opportunity to submerge oneself in the endless ocean of Allah’s mercy and pardon wherein complete forgiveness is guaranteed. The burden and anguish of sin, which leads to anxiety, will be lifted, the veil that impedes a person from his Rabb will be lifted, and the doors to a life of spiritual bliss, ecstasy, and harmony are wide open. In regards to attaining piety, Allah says: Oh you believe, fasting has been made compulsory upon you as had been made compulsory on those before you that you may become Allah-fearing.” (Quran 2:183).

Fasting is one of the best spiritual exercises to establish piety and a perpetual consciousness of Allah. It is such a personal and sincere act of worship that is only known by Allah and the person keeping the fast. What is it that prevents a person from breaking his fast before sunset? One can easily deceive the people; it is only the consciousness of Allah and fear of His divine reproach that prevents a person from doing so. Once the realization sets in that the same Omni cognizant and omnipotent Allah who knows about the state of our fast is aware of all our actions throughout the year, it will be extremely easy to abstain from any type of sin. Once a person feels the bliss of being completely pardoned and relieved from the burden of sin coupled with the feeling of Allah’s figurative omnipresence, he or she would have reached a very high pedestal of divine communion. This pedestal is what is referred to as a stage of Ihsan, where a person worships Allah as if he or she is seeing Him or with the full conviction and cognizance that Allah is watching him as mentioned in the famous Hadith of Rasulullah Sallallāhu Alayhi Wasallam.

We need to keep in mind that while we are enjoying the blessings of freedom and spending Ramadhan and enjoying iftar with our families that we have thousands of our brothers and sisters who are imprisoned and there are thousands of families who are deprived of the presence of their loved ones. Let us make Dua for them during this blessed month. Make Dua Allah hasten their release.Remember the Ummah in your Dua’s who are suffering under occupation, poverty and oppression throughout the world. Let us not forget to make Dua for those that are upholding the banner of Islam.  Make Dua for the victory of the Ummah.

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