Ten benefits of fostering good family relations

1. It harnesses Allah’s pleasure.

2. It pleases the relative (pleasing a Mu’min is a form of worship).

3. It pleases the angels.

4. It earns the praises of others (which is a bounty if it is not made one’s objective).

5. It causes grief to Iblees.

6. It increases one’s lifespan (The life is more blessed and one earns more reward because he has time to do more good actions).

7. It increases the blessings in one’s sustenance.

8. It even pleases the deceased (when they are informed thereof).

9. It increases peoples’ love for one (they will therefore be ready to assist one at the time of need).

10.The reward earned thereby continues to accrue to
one even after his death (those with whom one maintained good ties will continue to make du’a for him after his demise).

(Tanbeeh al-Gahfileen, Pg.81)

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