Stress Busters (Part 2)

  • Breathe in deeply and feel your body soak up that oxygen that was created by the Almighty Allah Taála just for you.
  • Retail therapy works! It’s not a cliché but rather than wasting, spend on meaningful items, such as that jersey that you need for winter, which you didn’t get around to buying (until now).
  • Hug your loved ones and shower them with kisses and compliments, and then it’s their turn.
  • Exercise and shake up your routine. Jogging, swimming, hiking or simply just walking are great ways to distress. Listen to your body and pay attention.
  • What about getting lost in a cup of tea and some great literature?
  • Write a letter to a loved one. And I don’t mean sms or e mail. I mean good, old fashioned postal service.
  • Declutter and organize  Simplify your life and get rid of stressors. Try to make positive changes to your life. Re prioritize if you need to, but make time for yourself.
  • Sit alone in a classroom or musallah. It’s a humbling experience which takes you back to your carefree days. But remember never to lose hope in Allah Taála. Whatever is stressing you, is NOT stronger than Allah Taála. Have faith and be positive.


Understand that guilt and regret are wasted emotions which shaytaan uses to distract us, unless we USE them to make positive changes. Maake istigfaar and become active in Dawah. When spreading the words of Allah Taála your worries and sorrows lighten. Alhamdulillah.


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